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Our services


Prime contractor, specialising in bespoke and batch fabrications

Laser Profilling

Top-quality, fast and efficient laser profiling services


Industry experts which cover TIG MIG and Arc Welding

Site Services

Incorporates site maintenance and installation services

Press Brake

Expert team with machinery and tooling to bend aluminium, steel or stainless steel

Bespoke & Prototype

Successfully bring to life customers high-value projects

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Benefits of Using JB Engineering

Fast Response time

We have a dedicated quoting team who focuses on meeting our customer deadlines and needs.

Engineering Experience

We have a combined engineering experience of over 50 years, which covers the following business sectors: mining, food processing, quarry, mineral processing, paper and brewery.

Expert craftsmanship

Our engineering company is committed to delivering excellence through expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our trades people skills are wide ranging, and we support progression and training.

Positive working Relationships

We have a loyal customer base, we have supplied one blue chip customer for over 40 years, in return we supply them with a great product and a positive customer experience. We have a reliable external network of contractors and suppliers (95% based in the Midlands).

Communication is key

We see communication as being key to our company and customer successes. Our teams are always available to follow up on customer orders and help with any post-delivery issues to fulfill customer expectations.

Value for money

Our outstanding craftsmanship and customer service make our rates the best value for money. We aim to support the customer in making the right choice through our company systems, investment, employee management, and reliability resulting in a positive purchasing journey.

Company's goals


Although our goals are forever changing, one goal will always remain the same: understanding. We understand our customer’s ideas and requirements, this helps us to deliver the best products and service.


We promote good working relationships internally (our colleagues) and externally (customers, and suppliers). However, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer service so that you receive the best support.  


The health and wellbeing of our employees is extremely important to us, our goal is to encourage our employees to strengthen their skills whilst also being mindful of their safety. As well as this, we always take extra care in looking after our planet, and our local community.




We are a business that actively finds new 
ways to be more resourceful, ethical, sustainable, and responsible.

Our Employees

Our employees, and how they are treated, is important to us. We ensure that our employees are included within business decisions and managed at work, with positive communication being key. Our principles and how we run our company will always remain ethical.

Our Planet

It is our responsibility to act and support our planet right now. We support a more prosperous world in the midst of global warming by recycling our waste, reducing our use of paper , job management using energy saving technologies, lastly, supporting environmental charities.

Our Communities

We are always looking at new ways to help our local community and various charities. More recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we donated some PPE stock to our local general practices. 

Being Responsible

Although we are a small business, we are still required to maintain the correct guidelines that any business must follow. That means we take control of any actions and responsibilities, and act appropriately to every problem we come to face.

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